Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies
Institut d'Etudes Européennes et Internationales du Luxembourg

Weekly Media Reports

During their stay at the Institute interns write weekly news reports in English. This media monitoring effort is guided by the origins and linguistic capabilities of the various interns, giving readers the opportunity to keep updated on the current events that the international media does not necessarily cover. These reports are intended to provide a supplement to a reader’s regular media consumption, as well as give interns the opportunity to apply and develop their linguistic, analytical and research skills.



Week 17-22 February (285.20 kB)
Week 10-13 February (284.34 kB)
Week 3-6 February (252.94 kB)
Week 27-30 January (378.98 kB)
Week 20-23 January (437.00 kB)
Week 13-16 January (276.76 kB)
Week 6-9 January (309.20 kB)
Week 9-16 December (310.18 kB)
Week 2-5 December (291.42 kB)
Week 25-29 November (286.96 kB)
Week 18-21 November (335.69 kB)
Week 11-14 November (386.83 kB)
Week 4-7 November (298.10 kB)
Week 28-31 October (281.83 kB)
Week 21-24 October (275.77 kB)
Week 14-18 October (287.78 kB)
Week 7 - 10 October (322.81 kB)